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Web Sitesi: http://www.bestmobileaccessory.com/smartwatch/
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Hakkında: T58 Smart GPS WIFI Tracker Locator Anti-Lost Watch for Kid Elder Child Student Phone Smartwatch with SOS Remote Monitor
Product description
This T58 is a new generation of personal GPS tracking gadget for kids/adult/elderly safety.It is accurate,discreet and reliable. Quad-Band GSM connectivity, the GPS Tracker works anywhere in the world. with GSM positioning and GPS positioning,user can accurately track whether the device indoor or outdoor. With voice message, call button and two-way voice function, user can have voice conversation with kids/elderly whenever they need your help. You will enjoy a piece of mind with knowing exactly where your love are!
1. GPS+WI-FI+LBS tracking
2. Phonebook
3. SMS query location
4. Live tracking online via web platform or APP
5. Track playback.
6. Voice monitoring remotely
7. Electronic fence
8. GPS+LBS+WiFi Triple Positioning.
9. HD two-way hands-free callsies.
10.Support for Android, IOS systems APP interface, easy to operate
11.The device can setup GPS data uploading interval in working mode setting.
13.The default language of this watch tracker is English
Package included:
1 * Main Unit T58
1 * User Manual
1 * USB Cable
1 * Screwdriver
1 * Original Box
Warnings Before Using:
1. This T58 is a normal 2G GSM GPS tracker, it just can work with normal 2G GSM network, so you must use a SIM card which can support GSM 2G network (Support one of these band frequency: 850, 900, 1800, 1900Mhz will be ok) .
2. The SIM card need open GPRS traffic (Please buy GPRS traffic no less than 30MB/Month) and caller ID displaying function before using.
3. If you want to change SIM card, please turn off the device first, otherwise, the SIM card maybe burned by the wrong operation.
4. Check the GSM and GPS signal status on the display screen after turned on the device.Smartwatch
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